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Balance Studios is widely regarded as one of the elite martial arts schools in the world. Currently representing nearly 30 affiliates world-wide, the ever-growing network consists of 4,000 students, all of whom have been carefully selected through limited enrollment to represent Team Balance.

The exclusivity of membership fosters a familial environment that is unrivaled amongst competitors, and much sought out by those eager to learn from the best. Team Balance fighters run the gamut from average enthusiasts to world champion Jiu-Jitsu competitors; some are professional fighters who have fought in esteemed mixed martial arts competitions like the UFC, while others have represented Team Balance at the prestigious ADCC championships.

The main hub of this top-notch school is located in Philadelphia, PA, and owned by Phil and Ricardo Migliarese, who are both 1st generation Gracie black belts. True American pioneers, the brothers have utilized their 40 years of combined martial arts experience, as well as the knowledge they gained while living and training with the legendary Gracie family, to build Team Balance into a multi-faceted university of the body and mind.

Team Balance

Gracie 717 - Instructors

Damione Puopolo

Damione Puopolo Owner/Head Instructor

Owner and head instructor Damione Puopolo started training while attending the University of South Florida. He was awarded his Black Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu by world renown Relson Gracie Black Belts, Phil and Ricardo Migliarese.

Damione started instructing as a Blue Belt and is known by his students to be a patient and technical instructor stressing proper technique over strength. His instruction has helped produced many champions at the national and local levels in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission grappling and Mixed Martial Arts competition.

A Little About Us

What makes Gracie 717 different is the way we teach. Our instructors are trained in serving students in an organized, patient, technical, and safe manner so as to share the best and most informative Jiu-Jitsu instruction available in the area. Our students choose us because we have made a commitment to give the best possible instruction and training possible in an environment that is "ego free".

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